BASE jumping is notoriously dangerous and simultaneously exhilarating. It tests the limits of human courage and endurance. And it is perhaps the closest a human can come to actual flight.

What is BASE jumping?

Trip Savvy describes the art of human flight:

BASE is an acronym for the four types of fixed objects that jumpers could potentially leap from while taking part in the sport.

These objects include buildings, antennas, spans (which also refers to bridges), and the Earth (such as the top of a cliff). BASE jumpers wear a parachute, and sometimes a wingsuit, which is a specially designed outfit that allows them to slow their rate of descent and even make precision maneuvers while still in the sky. After leaping off a cliff, the jumper’s wingsuit rapidly fills with air, so he or she can glide along until reaching an altitude where it becomes critical to open a parachute. From there, they gently descend back to the ground.

BASE jumping has taken many lives over the years, and it is not for the faint of heart. Some estimate that accidents occur at a rate dozens of times more often than skydiving alone.

BASE jumping is an incredibly dangerous sport that should only be attempted by those who have been properly trained. It is estimated that an accident is 43 times more likely to occur while taking part in this activity as opposed to simply skydiving from an aircraft. According to – a website dedicated to the sport – more than 300 people have died while BASE jumping since 1981.

In this video for Go Pro, Uli Emanuele attempts what maybe the most difficult BASE jump ever. Wearing a Wingsuit, he launches himself from top of a mountain. What happens next is almost impossible to believe. Uli becomes an airborne needle threading a two meter opening between massive boulders on his way to this record jump.

YouTube: Go Pro

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