Nothing like finding that pose that makes you go “ah!” Or a beer afterward to cool down. But have you heard of putting them together? That’s right; beer yoga is here. Having started in Berlin, making its way to Australia, you can now find classes in New York. Yoga instructors are taking their love of fitness and beer to the next level.

Yoga Studios are pairing up with breweries, and it is not uncommon to find a yoga class inside one. From Hoppy Yoga at San Diego’s Green Flash Brewing Co. to OM Brew Yoga at Florida’s Funky Buddha Brewery with a pint of your favorite brew at hand. Who knew that having a beer and doing yoga at the same time could be fun?

Beer Yoga is a Thing Now

It is an unlikely combination to be sure. Some hardcore yogis are probably turning in their graves. However, hipsters today who love beer can enjoy a session of beer yoga. It might be a little awkward going to a brewery and having a yoga class; especially if you’re used to the pristine, fancy props, and calming music to bring you peace of mind.

Now you can find your favorite brewski in a yoga studio. But who came up with beer yoga in the first place?  Brooke Larson coined the name although the origin of the practice is uncertain.  “BierYoga,” officially opened in Berlin in 2015. Since then, beer yoga has made it’s way around the world from Berlin to Thailand and even Australia. They use their beer bottles in yoga poses. To be said, a few fitness experts call beer yoga a gimmick and unhealthy. What do you think?

Beer Yoga Poses

The point of beer yoga is finding balance. Yoga poses + beer in moderation = a perfect combination. The beer yoga classes are enjoyed with a bottle, pint, growler, or can of your favorite brew. Just follow along with the instructor and try these beer yoga poses, along with a cold one.

“Tipsy Dancer” Pose

Cheers to you as you lean into a Dancer’s pose. Open your heart while grounding your standing foot to the mat. Don’t drop your bottle!

“Double Fisting” Pose

Try this pose with a friend today. Grab a bottle – maybe two – or can and be prepared to test your balance. Don’t tip that golden liquid as you bring your leg and arms up into Tree Pose.

“Cans to Heart Center” Pose

With prayer hands tightly around your can – not too tight as to squish the can – come into a Mountain Pose. Keep your can at heart’s center and bring one leg up to thigh level. Are you feeling the stretch yet?

“Not So Child’s” Pose

Image by yoga.ontap, via Instagram

End a session by doing a relaxing stretch for your beer in Child’s pose. After all of that stretching and drinking, it’s time to relax – with another drink of course!

Not a Fan of Yoga, Try Beer Yoga

If you’ve ever tried yoga before, you might think it’s a lot of work. Especially if you’re not very flexible. Maybe you couldn’t get into the kumbaya of the music. Maybe you were just bored. Why not give beer yoga a try. Having a cold one within arm’s reach, or in your hand should certainly liven things up.

These classes are meant to be fun and upbeat while enjoying a cold one. According to Chelsea Perkins, a yoga instructor, “It’s about moderation and it’s about having fun, it’s not about getting sloshed and doing yoga.”

Are you interested yet?

How to Plan for a Beer Yoga Session

Now that you find yourself interested in yoga again, it’s time for a class. But how do you plan for a beer yoga session? If you’re not into the rigid atmosphere of a typical yoga studio class, give beer yoga a try. It’s fun, you get to socialize with others who enjoy beer, and you can be adventurous in this new endeavor.

Expert Yogis advise that yoga should be done on an empty stomach. For most people, beer on an empty stomach makes them gassy. Since yoga and gas make for some awkward situations, you may want to eat a few pretzels beforehand.

What to expect during a beer yoga class

  1. Beer comes second in beer yoga
  2. Laid-back atmosphere
  3. Participants of all levels of experience
  4. A fun and helpful teacher
  5. Beer and socializing

What to bring with you

  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable and stretchy clothing
  • Yoga mat (sometimes they are provided)
  • Extra money for additional pints of beer

Beer Yoga – a Way to Relax and Drink

Image by Anda Chu, via Twitter

Yes, a lot of people say that beer and yoga shouldn’t go together. But those who take the classes would disagree. It’s a great way to de-stress with friends after a hard day. Whether you’re in a traditional setting or at a brewery, beer yoga might be for you.


Featured Image CC by 2.0, by beeryoga, via Instagram