A 50-year-old cold case has been reopened by the FBI after they received a letter supposedly written by one of the three men who actually escaped the prison, Alcatraz. According to Unilad, three men escaped from the infamous, “no man can escape” prison and according to the letter, survived their escape.

The Men Who Escaped The “Inescapable” Alcatraz Prison

Clarence Anglin photo from FBI.gov

Clarence Anglin, Public Domain, via FBI.gov/Wikimedia Commons

The men are Clarence and John Anglin, who are brothers, and Frank Morris. According to the letter, which was addressed by Clarence Anglin, Morris died in 2005 and is in a grave under someone else’s name. John Anglin, Clarence Anglin’s brother, passed away in 2011. Clarence is the only one left, although the FBI has not confirmed if the letter is real or a fake.

The letter states that Clarence has cancer and is in really bad shape. He writes in the letter that he will serve one year in prison if he gets medical treatment for his cancer in return. He is 83-years-old now, if the letter is really from him.

Also, in the letter, Clarence says if they announce on the TV that he will only get one year in prison for medical treatment in return for his one-year prison sentence, he will write another letter, telling them where he is right now. Only if they promise he gets no more than one year in prison, though.

More About Alcatraz

Alcatraz was built in a way that “no man can escape” and it sat on its own island. Back in 1850, it was used to house the Union deserters and Confederate Sympathisers while the Civil War was going on. However, in 1933, it was acquired by the United States Department of Justice. They turned it into a prison in 1934. It was known to house the most infamous criminals including Al Capone and Whitey Bulger.

The prison was built on an island surrounded by strong currents and was 1.25 miles away from the mainland. In total, 36 prisoners attempted to escape but none were successful, that is until 1962 when the three men did escape. Although it was believed that they drowned, yet wasn’t confirmed to be true, the family of these men did state that they were in contact with them over the 50 years they were free.

Alcatraz was closed down in 1963 and now is a tourist spot. Those who want to visit the old prison can see the different buildings that were part of it. If you want to tour it, you will get to see the dining hall, the main cell house, the ruins of the Warden’s house, lighthouse, library, officer’s club, building 64, the parade grounds, the recreation yard, the new industries building, the water tower, and the model industries building. Seems like a lot to tour but there is a lot of history here and it would be very interesting to learn all about it.

What do you think about this? Do you think the letter is real and was actually written by Clarence Anglin? Do you think it is fake? Sound off with your opinions on this and let everyone know what you think!


Featured Image: CC by 0, by Josepons28, via Pixabay