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The links on this page will take you to different websites that otherwise you never would have thought to look for. The fun is in the exploring. Mike The Headless Chicken The original story that started it all. This is one of the BEST web stories. The...

Turning Star Wars Into A Comedy With A Chewbacca Mask

Hey...I can tell by your laugh that you are not the real Chewbacca. This is a very funny video of a mom that found a Chewbacca mask while she was out shopping for her kids.  After finding this mask in the store she confesses, it's for her and not her kids.  The best...

Sorry Butt I Have To Bale On You

Streaking through the machine...Isn't that the name of a group? This is one of the funniest videos I've seen.  A guy gets off his tractor, strips down completely and then goes and dives into the hay bale making machine.  He pops out the back of the machine looking...

Toddler Needs An Audience To Throw Temper Tantrum

Would you please stay in this room and let me finish? This has got to be one of the funniest toddler temper tantrum you will ever see.  This young man was having a bad day and was looking for some attention from Mom, but Mom wasn't having any of it so she kept leaving...

Cat Smacks Dog For Farting In His Sleep

Get up and go to the bathroom instead of doing that on me! This is a funny video that is played out by countless couples across the globe.  While laying on a bed sleeping next to a cat, this little pup breaks wind.  After a delay long enough for the fumes to waft over...

Dog Evades Capture With GoPro In Mouth

Watch me out run all of you suckers. This is a funny video of a dog that got hold of a GoPro camera while it was running and it quickly started a game of "Catch the dog with the camera".  Take a ride looking straight into the eyes of this K9 kleptomaniac, as he eludes...


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