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The links on this page will take you to different websites that otherwise you never would have thought to look for. The fun is in the exploring. Mike The Headless Chicken The original story that started it all. This is one of the BEST web stories. The...

Small Dogs Chase Large Bear Out Of Yard

What are those dogs barking at now? I am sure these dogs owner had quite the surprise when she realized that her dogs were barking at a very large bear that was hiding in the back corner of her yard in California.  Because of the excess noise the bear decided to take...

Romanian Traffic Cop Taken Down By Bull

What? Is it my yellow jacket? It was just another day for this traffic cop when from down the street came a young bull on the loose.  The moment they made eye contact, it was on.  The bull charged the officer and they butted heads, leaving policeman injured on the...

What The People Of Denmark Think Of Donald

Looks about right to me. I try to stay away from politics and religion on ACoolLink, but this was too good to pass up.  It seems as if the people of Denmark think that our President is a little off his rocker, noting this ad on the side of a bus in Copenhagen.  As the...

Possessed Toddler Caught On Camera

I don't care what you say, that's not normal. I have no explanation for what this toddler is caught doing on camera.  It starts with this little guy fussing in his crib.  Then he climbs up onto the side rail of the crib and balances there crying for over 20 seconds...

Ducklings Do High Dive To Keep Up With Mom

Yes Mom, I would jump off a bridge if my friends did. This is a cool video of a group of ducklings that would follow their mother anywhere.  Mother duck and her bakers dozen hoard waddle across the deck to the edge, where Mom assesses the situation and then flies down...


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