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The links on this page will take you to different websites that otherwise you never would have thought to look for. The fun is in the exploring. Mike The Headless Chicken The original story that started it all. This is one of the BEST web stories. The...

Holding On To A Hang Glider For Dear Life

Weren't you supposed to attach me to the glider? This is a scary situation that could have ended a lot worse than it did.  While on vacation in Switzerland, our hero decides to go up for a tandem hang glider ride.  As soon as they take off, it becomes apparent that...

Ferret Literally Falls While Asleep

Like a death scene in a dramatic movie. This is a funny video of a cute ferret that falls asleep in a girls lap.  You have to watch to the end to see the humor.  The ferret lays there so relaxed and then without any warning it falls forward into the girls arms like it...

Grand Prix Race Car Launched Into Second Story

You know that's going to leave a mark. This is a news report covering an amazing crash of a Formula 3 Grand Prix race car in Macau China.  The good news is that the driver, Sophia Florsch from Germany, survived the 172 MPH crash with only a fractured spine.  After...

1500 Drones Put On A Dazzling Light Show

Who needs fireworks now...Drones can do it better, This is a very cool video you need to watch on full screen.  On July 15, 2018 Intel set a new World record buy putting on a light show in the sky using 1500 drones. The Folsom California audience sat back in awe, as...

Guy Goes Airborne During A Banister Ride

Balls first, I always say. This is a cool video of a guy practicing his parkour moves, that starts by sliding down a banister.  It's the aggressive way he does it that gets your attention.  He starts by running and jumping onto it with both legs spread, exposing a...


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