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The links on this page will take you to different websites that otherwise you never would have thought to look for. The fun is in the exploring. Mike The Headless Chicken The original story that started it all. This is one of the BEST web stories. The...

Chasing After A Headless Chicken

By Mike Parker This story has a lot of moving parts. I will do my best to make sense of it all. To begin with, it feels important to know the story of Mike the headless chicken and how it inspired me to start my website, One cold and rainy day in...

One Day In San Francisco

By Mike Parker My wife and I found ourselves near San Francisco on family matters, and we had an extra day to explore and wondered what to do in San Francisco in one day. We have always had a car when we travel, but this time we were staying at a hotel near the...

A Last Minute Adventure

By Mike Parker A friend of mine named Johnnie posted on Facebook something about a train that was on his bucket list.  It wasn’t clear if he had tickets to ride on it or just planned a road trip to go see it. I called him up to get more details and he sounded like a...

Live Life And Experience Adventure

By Mike Parker I am thankful to my parents for instilling in me at an early age the desire to explore, experience different things and go on adventures...Live Life.  As a family, we took long road trips to places we hadn’t been before and got to see first hand this...

A Yellow Smiley Face Road Trip

By Mike Parker I had always dreamed about taking a cross country road trip with enough time to stop and see the sights.  Every road trip I had ever been on was less than 2 weeks. And the drive was a means to an end for our destination.  It wasn’t until I retired that...


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