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The links on this page will take you to different websites that otherwise you never would have thought to look for. The fun is in the exploring. Mike The Headless Chicken The original story that started it all. This is one of the BEST web stories. The...

Grizzly Bear Chases After Guide In Kayak

Put that canoe into overdrive mister. This is a scary video shown by CTV News of a guided river raft and kayak trip near Squamish, BC that almost went bad.  The guide kayak is recorded by someone on the following raft as a grizzly bear runs off the bank into the water...

Hawk Saved From Grille Of Car

That bird is lucky to be alive. This is an amazing video of a hawk that collided with a car doing 55 MPH, got stuck in the grill and lived to tell his feathered friends the story (If birds could talk).  A Good Samaritan helped both the driver of the car and the hawk...

Take Quadrofoil For A Spin Above The Lake

Looks like driving a car on a cloud of silk. This is a cool video about a new vehicle under development by the company Quadrofoil.  As the mater of a fact, they are looking for investors and dealers.  Follow this link if your interested. ...

Octopus Catches Crab With Sneak Attack

He flew out of the water like a super critter. This is a cool video of nature in action.  Someone was checking out the tidal pools along the shore when they came upon a crab sitting next to a pool.  As they watched, an octopus leaps out of the water and onto the...

Holographic Phone Will Blow Your Mind

Isn't that how Princess Leia contacted Obi Wan Kenobi? This is another cool jump in our technology towards what we have seen as our future in the movies.  Takee is a division of the Chinese manufacturer Estar and they have brought to market a 3D holographic...


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