Now, we know the future is here or very near because now we have smart walls coming to our homes. Soon, you will be able to control your home with a few taps on the wall. No more just staring at those dumb walls anymore since they will no longer be dumb. They are becoming very smart and coming to a future near you.

Although this may seem a little scary to some people, it is fascinating to others. However, either way you look at it, our dumb old walls are getting a whole lot smarter.

The Wall ++

According to The Verge, these smart walls are called Wall ++. The scientists who came up with the idea found that they could take a custom sensor board and conductive paint and make electrodes out of it for the smart wall. The Wall ++ will be able to not only sense appliances and electrical devices, but they will also be able to potentially adjust the lights when you have the TV on or off and maybe even alert you when one of your appliances goes off. It can also detect people who have electronic devices on them and are giving out an electromagnetic signature. How cool does this sound?

The Wall ++ isn’t the first analog surface turned into a touchpad by Carnegie Mellon Scientists, who by the way, came up with the Smart Wall idea. Also, according to The Verge, last year, the scientists announced a system that they called, Electrick. Electrick was a system where you would spray the conductive paint onto smooth surfaces and this would make touch controls. Now that sounds really awesome!

Smart Walls Are on the Way

Although this may be something cool coming to the near future for us, it is still in the works. The Wall ++ hasn’t been checked for energy consumption yet and they are going to have to find an easier way to install it instead of slapping a sensor board against your baseboard. However, the idea sounds really good even if they still have some work to do to make it possible.

So, we may have smart walls soon. What do you think of this idea? Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!


Featured Image: Screen capture via embedded YouTube video