Folks just cannot turn away from this. Otters juggling is about as precious as precious gets.

Otters actually have favorite rocks they sometimes keep for life!

Discover Wildlife delves into this most agile and unique behavior:

Sea otters have many ways of tugging on our heartstrings. And going by a plethora of YouTube videos, we can now add juggling stones to the list. To be fair, it’s more keepy-uppy than juggling, albeit keepy-uppy with two or three stones at a time.

The otters lie on their backs and pat the stones into the air, catching them and rolling them skilfully around their chests and necks. And very impressive it is, too – they can even do it with their eyes closed. The behaviour is likely to be linked to the animals’ use of rocks to detach prey from the seabed and break it open.

Otters form attachments to certain stones – keeping them in an armpit when not in use – and have been known to retain their favourite ones throughout their lives. Recreational juggling may be a playful way of learning how best to manipulate these tools.

Otters pretty much are everyone’s favorite marine mammal. And they use their rocks like we use a hammer to open the shellfish they prize for food.

This amazing video from the Dodo speculates that otters may juggle rocks purely for the fun of it. Whatever the case their agility is remarkable. It is impossible not to watch them without smiling at their antics. 

And throw in a few rocks and you have yourself a mini-circus.

Otters have more than a few interesting traits.

From the Daily Mail UK:

They are often tamed and used as pest control to rid rice paddies of crabs.

They can live for up to 16 years and stay faithful to their mate for life…

…At night, sea otters hold hands with their mate while they sleep to stop them floating apart.

YouTube: The Dodo

Featured Image: YouTube screen capture — The Dodo