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Mike The Headless Chicken

Mike The Headless Chicken

The original story that started it all.

This is one of the BEST web stories.

The strange facts about a chicken named Mike, who lost his head yet had the will to live much longer than expected.

There is a reason why it’s first on this list.

National Weather Radar Loop

The National Weather Service has put together all of the live national weather radar on a loop, into one composite image of the entire country.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

“The Ripley exhibit collection represents over 95 years of collecting by Robert Ripley and his corporate heirs.  The foundation of the over 25,000 piece collection was gathered and assembled by Ripley himself on his many travels around the world, but our staff today continues to add new pieces to the collection almost daily.”

CMSA Architecture

Want to see how the other half lives? CMSA Architecture in Florida…Nice works Cliff!

“Founded in 1992, CMSA has since set an everlasting architectural benchmark in many of Southwest Florida’s most affluent and architecturally demanding private communities and neighborhoods.The CMSA team of design professionals specializes in the areas of luxury residences, private golf and country clubs, corporate properties, and challenging renovations. The environments we create may begin as a hand drawn sketch, further developed using the latest CAD technology, and finished with great care and attention to detail. The craftsmanship is always impeccable.”

Golf Sector 6

“GOLF SECTOR 6 is an easy-to-play, Flash-based golf game that lets you tee off on Saturn’s moons. It is based on some of our most stunning images returned from the high resolution cameras onboard the Cassini spacecraft that have been processed by CICLOPS and released to the public here on this website. Each of Saturn’s moons has its own weak gravity, which should keep things interesting, so be sure to take that into account when you make your swing! Just like golfing on Earth, the goal is to hit the ball into the hole — or in this case, the crater! — using the smallest number of swings.

And don’t worry about playing through or yelling, ‘FORE!’. The Saturn system is sparsely populated, and, in space, no on can hear you scream.”

Leisure Diving

Leisure diving is a fun site that shows different people diving into water while striking posses.  “It all began in the summer of 2011. It was a bright and glorious summer. Everyone was young. Firework was playing. The water was luke. The pool was calling. We took to the air, and got caught in the moment.  What started as a Facebook album quickly became an internet sensation. So we started this site, and soon people all around the world were diving in.  So every summer, we post the best dives for the world to see. Why? Well, because life is a little too short and a lot too serious and when the sun is shining, people should be lounging and laughing.”

Treasury Auctions

“Treasury Auctions. Each year approximately 300 public auctions are conducted throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico to sell property forfeited as a result of violations of federal law enforced by the Department of the Treasury or nonpayment of Internal Revenue Service taxes.

A wide variety of merchandise is available, including automobiles, aircraft, boats, real estate, jewelry, electronics, wearing apparel, industrial equipment, and miscellaneous goods.”

The Wondrous

“The Wondrous is an entertainment blog. Attracting well over 500K unique visitors every month. Focused on wonderful, weird & strange things of our world. Its daily articles cover subjects from Science to Sports, Photography to Advertising & Technology, Art to Nature.”

Digital Makeover

At you can try on several looks before you go for it.  “ is the most advanced virtual try-on website around. Upload your photo and instantly change your hairstyle, hair color, and apply makeup from the best brands.  The application of hair and makeup is virtual, but looks oh-so-real. In just minutes you can make a more informed decision about what look is right for you.  Whether you’re a beauty novice or a beauty guru, TAAZ can help you find your best look yet.”

Smithsonian Museum Natural History

Visit the Smithsonian Museum with this virtual tour.  “The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex, with 19 museums and the National Zoo—shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world. The Institution was founded in 1846 with funds from the Englishman James Smithson (1765–1829) according to his wishes “under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” We continue to honor this mission and invite you to join us in our quest.”

Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards lists the people who have contributed to the human gene pool by killing themselves in the stupidest ways.

Guinness World Records

“We inspire people – individuals, families, schools, teams, groups, companies and communities – of any age, in any city or country.  We want that inspiration to come from reading, watching, listening to and participating in record breaking.  We don’t define or recognize success in a conventional or limited way and so draw upon the entire range of superlatives to help people realize their potential and to re-examine the world.  To be the ultimate global authority on record breaking.  That means we research, measure, document and authorize the world’s superlatives, from which we create world class products that entertain, inform and inspire people through our unique window on the world.”

FBI Archives

Go into the FBI’s archives and read about all sorts of different cases.  “Our priority is to help protect you, your children, your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation—from international and domestic terrorists to spies on U.S. soil, from cyber villains to corrupt government officials, from mobsters to violent street gangs, from child predators to serial killers. Along the way, we help defend and uphold our nation’s economy, physical and electronic infrastructure, and democracy.”


StumbleUpon helps you discover websites that match your personal preferences.  “StumbleUpon is a discovery and advertisement engine (a form of web search engine) that pushes recommends of web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing, social-networking and advertising (sponsored pages) principles.” – Wikipedia


Trivia can be fun. has short stories to read online that are really interesting.  “Damn Interesting is a small, independent, award-winning, and award-losing project dedicated to the dissemination of legitimately fascinating but obscure true stories from science, history, and psychology since 2005. We reject the fashionable practices of placing quantity over quality and hyperbole over accuracy; we simply tell intriguing true stories as often as we can manage.”


Everything you need to know about movies. “IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. The IMDb consumer site ( is the #1 movie website in the world with a combined web and mobile audience of more than 250 million unique monthly visitors. IMDb offers a searchable database of more than 250 million data items including more than 4 million movies, TV and entertainment programs and more than 8 million cast and crew members.”

Make A To Do List

“Get things done.  Set your schedule and get to work while TeuxDeux keeps you organized. If you don’t manage to get everything done, your unfinished to-dos will be rolled over to the next day automatically.”



Stupid Laws

Find out what the dumb laws your State still has on the books.  “We are dedicated to bringing you the largest collection of stupid laws available anywhere. Some of the strange laws that are still on the books will amaze you!”

NASA Photo Gallery

Since June 16, 1995, NASA has posted an “Astronomy picture of the day.”  This gives you access to their archives for a better look at our universe.  National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  NASA’s Vision: We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.