Connecting with people around the world

By Mike Parker

During a Monday afternoon meeting I learned the benefits a co-worker was having from using Linked in. (Thanks Nita) I have had a LinkedIn account for over a year and have not done anything with it. The results after working with LinkedIn for 1 week blew my mind.  As I was learning, I kept track of what I found and these are the results. They are listed on this link below.

“How to use LinkedIn” One Week Update

Why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great tool for anyone in business to reach out and make friends with other people from all over the World.

Here is a short video about the benefits of using LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

The equation is:

Be seen and make friends + Good content = A friend interested in your business.

Use the LinkedIn Groups feature to find people of similar interests to broaden your reach.

Find something in common and make as many friends as you can.

“Think of it as an online cocktail party.” Nita Cosby

People buy from people they like.

Caution on how you approach others, have a genuine interest in them and do not push your agenda on them.

SPAM is a swearword that says “I’m only here to sell you something.”

Properly set up your profile on LinkedIn.

The better your profile the more likely people will offer to connect with you. Also people will want to read more of your profile. If done right, they might realize that what you have to offer is something they may be interested in or know someone who is.

A picture is worth a thousand introductions. Just imagine what a good picture will do.

When you are setting up your profile think of the title of your position as your Headline.


Do not use “Consultant

Use “Uses proven method to help companies grow

On your public profile it will look like:

Uses proven method to help companies grow at Today’s Growth Consultant.

When you set up your current experience write it like your elevator speech, so that anyone viewing your profile will know what you have to offer.

Follow the on screen prompts and go for a 100% profile.

Think of it as an Alexa Ranking for your profile.

Here is a link and a video to help you set up your profile;

OK now is the time to put the above info to use and sign up to join LinkedIn..

Ask people for recommendations.

Have at least 3 recommendations on your profile.

Try to have a recommendation for every job posted.

Contact anyone that you worked with in the past and ask for a recommendation.

If someone gives you a recommendation, say thank you and return the favor.

Here is a link to learn strategies to request recommendations from others.

Become visible by joining Discussion groups and join in.

The better your content, the more people will reach out to you and the more credible you become.

I joined the following Discussions in various Groups with my responses:

“What is your favorite Motivational quote?”

“Your raise becomes effective when you are.”

“If at first you don’t succeed, try a little Vaseline and a bigger hammer.”

“Nothing succeeds like a Budgie (Parakeet) without teeth.”

“What is the best advice your Father ever gave you?”

“If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

“If you live in a house with women, put the seat down.”

“If your Boss expects 100% give 110%.”

Start a Discussion.

Starting a Discussion will give you a greater exposure to be seen.

Start a discussion in all of your groups that are timely.

They better be a good or you may hear the crickets chirping.

A Discussion is a question that provokes a response.

I started this discussion.

“Just for fun take a quote and make it yours.”


“If at first you don’t succeed, try a little Vaseline and a bigger hammer.”


“I feel like a clone, I’m beside myself.”

Write an article and post it in the “News” section of a Group.

Writing an article is another way to get greater exposure to be seen.

I posted one of my articles on to 8 different Groups.

“I am not a salesman, I’m a consultant”.

Send out Invitations to link with people that you have been in contact with.

If someone responds to your discussion you will get an email, send them a thank you for their response and an Invitation.

If someone invites you to be linked, make sure you send them a thank you and ask them if there is anything you can do for them.

Examples of Invitations;

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your comment on “Take a quote and make it yours”

I might add a page with the responses to my website ACoolLink.

May I have your permission to quote you?

Can I use your name?

In any case I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for your comment on “I Am Not A Salesman” and for sharing it with others.

I hope to add more articles on to my website ACoolLink soon.

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

(Scott sent my link to his company’s entire sales staff)

This link will show you ways to easily invite people to join your LinkedIn network.

Use this directory to find various apps to use;

Link to Amazon Books

Conduct polls to share files with colleagues

Announce an event on your LinkedIn home page

Word Press blog application

Blog Link

Trip It

Ad a personalized video, slide show or Power Point presentation on your profile

Company Buzz

SAP Community Bio


Huddle Workspaces.

Learn how to build your connections through good introductions.

Here is a video on how to keep your contacts profiles organized.

Under “More” find “Events” this will allow you to search for events to attend sponsored by people in your Groups.

LinkedIn Company Pages To Showcase Products And Services

This is a 5 minute video that plays twice but it has some very good information on how to build a LinkedIn page for your business.

I can’t wait to see who I’m going to meet today .