Big Bear Enjoys A Swim

Bruiser Bear is a big bear that really enjoys going for a swim.  Wait for his 2nd time getting into the pool.

Taunt This

This is a funny video of over confident people taunting an opponent only to discover they shouldn’t have done that.

Welcome To Giggle Air

This is a funny video of a little girl being taken up in a stunt plane by her Daddy…Let the giggles begin.

Iguana Man

This is the video of a guy that stuck Nerf Gun projectiles to his contact lenses for that certain iguana look.

Over Thinking

When this husband asks his wife a simple math question that has the answer in the question, she over thinks it.

Glued To The Poop

This is a funny video of a kid that stepped in dog poop barefooted.  He’s freaking out and doesn’t seem to be able to move.