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The Animal Song

This is a short, funny video of animals singing a song.  Although they aren’t always singing the same song.  

Spunky Little Guy

This is a video of a cute little elephant named Navann at the Elephant Nature Park in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.  

Corporate Mathematics

Don McMillan gives a stand up explanation of corporate mathematics.  

Is That The Latest iPhone?

A Shiba Inu puppy watches a video on an iPhone and seems to be a little confused by the whole thing.  

Terry Crews Teaching “Euro Training”

Watch Terry Crews as he teaches Damon Wayans “Euro Training”. This is a funny work-out if you have the stuff.  

Cat Busting

This creative cat has figured out how to get into this drawer after something to play with but didn’t realize that it had an audience…Busted.

The Last Interview

This is a prank set up to seem like the last job interview these people will ever be in as a meteor crashes into the city behind the interviewer (on a big screen TV).

Monkey In A Snow Suit

This is a short video of a monkey in Russia that was wearing a snow suit while it tried to get around in the snow by hopping.

Learning How To Be A But Head

This sheep is going out of its way to teach this young bull the art of butting heads.

Dash To The Bath

These 2 miniature dachshunds can’t get into the bathtub for their bath/swim fast enough.

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