It’s Not Milk

This is a funny video of an adorable baby boy drinking water for the first time…It’s not milk!

Tickle Me Camel

This is a funny video of a guy tickling a camel…Sounds like Elmo.

The Last Defiant Act

It looks like it is all over for this poor little chipmunk until the cat puts it down…Then it’s on!

Door Stop Discovery

Watching a baby of any kind discover the world is always fun.  This little French Bulldog finds out what a door stop can do.

Frog TV

This is a short funny video of what happens when you put a cell phone that’s playing a video of active worms in an area that has a lot of frogs…Or as the French would say, “Lunch”.

Butter Face

During a competition this flutist didn’t miss a beat when a butterfly landed on her face.