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Too Cute In A Boot

This is a very cute video of 3 little kittens playing in a boot.  

Making Up For Bad Behavior

When this family dog steals the baby girls toy she gets upset and starts crying.  That’s when the dog goes into action piling on to make up for his bad behavior.  

Mount Up

This is a funny video of a kid climbing onto a horse in an unusual way.  

Being Cats

This is a video compilation of cats being cats.  

The Spirit Is In The Picture

This is a funny video made by “Just For Laughs” of what seems to be a crazy lady asking to have her photo taken with her invisible husband.  

Robin Meets Johnny

This is a funny video of Robin Williams first visit on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson…Quick, get the fish.  

Turtle Soccer

When this turtle takes an interest in the ball the dog decides to play.  The dog learns a lesson in the end about taking the turtles ball away.  

Kids Talking

This is a very funny video of a room full of baby goats that answer when spoken to.  


This is a funny video showing off the different personalities of several different pets.  

The Career Starter

After John Wayne saw Pedro on this show with Groucho Marx he hired him as a comedic extra in most of his movies…You know you’ve seen him.  

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