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Please Sir, Feed Me

This is a very cute video of a cat with manners that seems to be requesting its first meal of the day.  The last 15 seconds are the best.

Pint Sized Protection

This is a funny video of a pint sized puppy that keeps a bigger dog at bay over a big bowl of food.

Action Hero Kid

These are videos made by a really cool Dad that uses his son and special effects to spice things up a little.

Get A Load Of Those Fish

This is a funny video of a fork lift driver trying to load containers filled with fish into the back of a truck when something goes wrong.

Trunk Monkey Is Back

The Trunk Monkey is one of the best ad campaigns to come along in a while and here are some of the latest additions. Follow this link to see the original series

Educated Squirrels

Mary Krupa is a student at Penn State that has become very friendly with the local squirrels.

Roll Along Little Doggy

This is a funny video of a little English Bulldog that seems to really enjoy rolling down a hill.

Toe The Line

These penguins don’t know what to do when they come across a rope stretched across the beach.

Dog Gone Treat

This is a funny video of a disappearing doggy treat that puzzles these K9 participants.

Freaky Bus Stop

Pepsi rigged a bus stop in London so that it projected all sorts of strange goings on.

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