Milk-Bones For Everyone

This is a funny video of a Cockatoo that got hold of the Milk-Bone box and started sharing with the family Great Danes.

From Fussy To Funny In 2 Seconds

This little girl in a bouncy swing goes from fussy to funny in about 2 seconds when a cell phone playing music is put in front of her.



Rocky The Flying Dog

This is a cute video of a little French Bulldog puppy that gains enough confidence to jump off the chair into his persons hands.



We Saw That Fart

Through the eye of an infrared security camera we see a guy farting at an airport…Bathroom humor is still funny.



Get A Grip

This squirrel kept raiding a lady’s bird feeder so smeared a little Vaseline on the pole so the little guy couldn’t get a grip.




The Breakup

This is going to be the funniest thing you have seen all day.  It’s Tim Conway breaking up the cast of the Carol Burnett Show by not stopping with an elephant story.



I Believe I Can Fly

When this big boy comes rumbling down the court and bounces off the mini trampoline, you get the feeling that he is going to make the slam dunk.