Ice Scooter

While traveling down an ice covered road in Canada, these 2 guys came across another guy out for a ride on his scooter.

Budgie Wars

This is a cute video of a funny little parakeet that was taught what R2D2 sounds like and now it won’t shut up.

Catch My Drift Son?

These are a couple of funny videos taken 1 year apart as a father shows his son what it is like in a drifting car.

Monkey Pest

This is a funny video of an annoying little monkey playing with a sleeping cat…That cat must be really tired.

Little Pranks

With Halloween coming at the end of the week it’s time for YouTuber’s to start posting their Halloween pranks.

Dear Kitten

This is a cute commercial for “Friskies” cat food that has an elder cat teaching a kitten what a dog is.