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This little boy is given a gag gift of a banana and instead of being upset he shows true gratitude for the gift.

Determined Dachshund

This is a funny video of a dachshund that is determined to get the inflatable shark into his kennel.

A Husky Wake Up

This video shows a roommate waking up another with a laser pointer and a husky.

Watch Me Pull A Rabbit Out Of My…

This is a funny prank pulled on people coming out of anesthesia after a colonoscopy; they were told different objects were pulled out of their colons.

Don’t Make Jeff Mad

This is a funny pay back video with Jeff Gordon proving to a blogger that the fear in his passenger’s eyes was real.

Father Daughter Workout

This is a cute video of a father following his daughters lead through a workout session.

Raccoons And Bubble Wrap

This video shows that raccoons are not too different than humans because we all like popping bubble wrap.

Punking The Competition

The delivery service DHL lets the competition do the heavy lifting in getting their message across.

Tuxedo Tail

This is a cute video of a baby penguin following its keeper around at the Matsue Vogel Park in Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

Goats On A Ribbon

This is a fun video of 3 goats trying to stay on a flexible ribbon of steel.

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