Casual Cat

This is a funny, short video of a cat relaxing like it was sitting in a hot tub.

Get’er Done Mom

This is a funny video of why a mom can’t get her work done…Hint, it wears diapers.

Red Panda At Play

This is a funny video of an adorable red panda playing in the snow at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Cheating Payback

When this Brazilian guy discovers his girlfriend has been cheating on him, he gives her the payback she deserves.

Flaming Fairy Flight

This is a funny and sad at the same time video of a little girl that just got a new flying Fairy, only to watch it fly into the fireplace.


This is a funny prank to play on someone.  Have them slide down a pole to the ground…Then get stuck.

Read My Lips

This is a funny video of clips from the NFL with voices dubbed over what they are actually saying.