Bike Lane Protest

This video was made by a guy that was upset because the NYC police were giving tickets to people who were riding their bikes but not staying in the bike lane. His problem with this whole thing is that everyone parks in the bike lane, even the police.

Bicycle Rush Hour

This is a video that shows a time lapse of the bicycle traffic in Utrecht, Netherlands during rush hour.

Living Off The Grid

These videos are about a man named John Wells who is building a home out in the middle of nowhere Texas that will allow him to live off the “Grid” he calls his oasis The Field Lab.

Here is a link to his website

Here is a link to his blog

Live video at and

Here are more videos showing you more of “The Field Lab” and what is there.

Ultimate Gardening

Watch the “Permaculture Kitchen Garden” with Geoff Lawton and learn about a garden that supplies a seemingly endless supply of food in an environmentally friendly way.

Learning From Nature

Michael Pawlyn talks to a group at TED about taking ideas from nature and using them to create a more balanced World. Ideas that range from architecture to recycling, even how to harness enough energy to run all of our needs on this planet and turning desert into vegetated areas.