Killing Time





Have a little time on your hands?

Find a wide assortment of games and optical illusions to help kill the time.





If you get bored easily and would like to play a new game everyday try “”



Entanglement by Gopherwood Studios





String Spin





Bing now has cool online games to play.





Boredom relief, stimulate your brain with puzzles, games, magic tricks and optical illusions.





Play against a learning computer in a game of “rock, paper, scissors”.





Defend the Earth as you brush up on your typing skills with this game.




Word games






Take your mind off your troubles, pop some bubbles.

Here is another location








Kongregate is a site with thousands of games…What’s your pleasure?






Ball Droppings is a fun game to play.

(It runs in Firefox and Google Chrome but not in Internet Explorer)





Jewel Case is a relaxing game for some down time.







Golf Sector 6 is a fun game of golf in low gravity on the moons of Saturn.







Yahoo has a page with optical illusions and brain games to stimulate your senses.











Peter Blaskovic has built a site to create very interesting art.






Play some of the older video games online.









Donkey Kong







Super Mario Brothers








You can find hundreds of educational video games that are fun for all ages.





Play YouTube’s version of Trivial Pursuit online.






Michael Bach made this site dedicated to optical illusions.

Bend your mind around these creations.

 for mind bending works of art.




Learn new languages by playing games.





Use Memrise to learn a new language by playing a game.





Test your knowledge of the Worlds geography.