Attitude Is Everything

Rion Paige appeared on the X Factor and the judges were “Blown Away” by her attitude and singing ability.


Love In A Tutu

When Bob’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob decided to take on a project you have to see to help cheer her up…It worked.


Back From The Edge

Darnell Barton is a bus driver and a hero as he helps a distraught woman back from the edge.


Giving Care

This is a cool video of a care giver that cares enough to sing to his patients and it seems to help relieve the pain they are in.


2 Heroes

Adam Shaw and his 8 year old dog named Rocky rescued 2 young girls from an icy river in Edmonton, Alberta.


First Goal

This is a cool video of an older kid helping a younger one learn how to play hockey and score his first goal.


Sports Kid Of The Year

This is a truly inspirational story of Conner and Cayden Long who compete in triathlons together and have won the Sports Illustrated “Sports Kids of the Year” award.