Love In A Tutu

When Bob’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bob decided to take on a project you have to see to help cheer her up…It worked.


Back From The Edge

Darnell Barton is a bus driver and a hero as he helps a distraught woman back from the edge.


Giving Care

This is a cool video of a care giver that cares enough to sing to his patients and it seems to help relieve the pain they are in.


2 Heroes

Adam Shaw and his 8 year old dog named Rocky rescued 2 young girls from an icy river in Edmonton, Alberta.


First Goal

This is a cool video of an older kid helping a younger one learn how to play hockey and score his first goal.


Sports Kid Of The Year

This is a truly inspirational story of Conner and Cayden Long who compete in triathlons together and have won the Sports Illustrated “Sports Kids of the Year” award.

Hero On Track

When this man lost his balance and fell on the rail road tracks in front of an oncoming train a hero jumps to the rescue to pull him to safety just in time.