Elvis Is Back For Christmas

David Thibault is a 16 year old that does a perfect Elvis impersonation live on the radio station 102.1 CKOI Québec.


A Little Opera

This is a short video of a young lady on the Holland’s Got Talent show that stuns everyone with her amazing voice as she sings a little opera.


Emotional Tears

This is a video of a mother singing a song to her 10 month old baby girl that gets a truly emotional reaction.


9 Year Old Makes Memory

This 9 year old boy named Chenle Zhong blows away the judges and audience on China’s Got Talent with his rendition of “Memory”.



Country Queen

Rachel Potter is a 29 year old bartender that performed her own country version of the song by Queen “Somebody To Love” on the X Factor that blew away the judges and the audience.



What’s Your Forte?

This is the video of a new group that has been together for only a few weeks but they wow the judges on America’s Got Talent.