Bob Is That You?

If you close your eyes when you listen to Mitchell Brunings sing “Redemption Song” on
The Voice Of Holland 2013 blind auditions you would swear that Bob Marley has come back.


Attitude Is Everything

Rion Paige appeared on the X Factor and the judges were “Blown Away” by her attitude and singing ability.


Elvis Is Back For Christmas

David Thibault is a 16 year old that does a perfect Elvis impersonation live on the radio station 102.1 CKOI Québec.


A Little Opera

This is a short video of a young lady on the Holland’s Got Talent show that stuns everyone with her amazing voice as she sings a little opera.


Emotional Tears

This is a video of a mother singing a song to her 10 month old baby girl that gets a truly emotional reaction.


9 Year Old Makes Memory

This 9 year old boy named Chenle Zhong blows away the judges and audience on China’s Got Talent with his rendition of “Memory”.