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Smoothini is a “Bar Magician” that blows away the judges on America’s Got Talent with his close up magic.  

Dolphin Play

This lucky jet skier was joined by a dolphin that just wanted to play and have a little fun.  

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

This is a cool video that gets the point across to these movie goers that you should always keep your eyes on the road while driving.  

Making Energy Like A Leaf

Harvard professor Daniel Nocera demonstrates a new technology that could revolutionize how we get or power in the future.  

Cat To The Rescue

This is a cool video of a heroic cat that saves a little boy from an attack by a stray dog.  

To The Rescue

This video is a compilation of various people coming to the rescue of some 4 legged friends.  

Cool Illusion Commercial

This is a cool commercial by Honda that plays tricks on your eyes with very cool optical illusions.  

Jeep Waterfall

Jeep has a display that is a computerized waterfall that can display pictures or words from the water as it falls.  

Time Warp Snow

This time lapse shows a 30 inch snowfall in just 30 seconds.  

Foldable Chair

Watch as this guy takes a chair and folds it up into a small carrying case. But the question is would you sit on it?  

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