Riding The Ridge

Danny Macaskill is with out a doubt the best trials rider in the World.  Here he takes on the “Ridge” in a spectacular video.

Feeding Ray

As this guy is feeding the fish in Maldives, a stingray pays him an up close and personal visit for some of the goodies.

Impressive Shuffle

This is a cool short video of Eliot Slevin showing off the skills he has shuffling a deck of cards.  (Turn your volume down, the sound is annoying)

Love And Autism

This is a cool video about a boy named Jonny with autism that comes out of his shell with the love from a rescue dog named Xena.


Need Help Ray?

This is a cool encounter with a Manta Ray that was tangled up in some fishing line until these divers helped out.

Perspective Earth

This is a cool video with amazing short clips narrated by the late Carl Sagan that puts our life on Earth into a proper perspective.

Team Bulldog

This is a cool video that shows the teamwork between 2 bulldogs as they get a tire out of a pool.