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Tandem Golf

These 2 boys have been practicing this move as one turbo charges the others chip shot.

Tiger For 91 Feet

During the Cadillac Championship Tiger Woods makes an incredible 91-foot birdie putt.

Giving It All She Has

Kayla Montgomery is a cross country runner that has multiple sclerosis.  She’ll run to the finish line and collapse, giving it all she has.

Direction Backstage

Behind the choir this little girl conducts her heart out and no one ever noticed…Except the camera.

Avalanche Control Is A Blast

Take a ride on a helicopter that’s dropping 50 pound firecrackers to set off avalanches to keep the backcountry safe.

A Little Girl And Her Foal

This is an adorable video of a little girl romping and playing with her pet baby horse.

Don’t Make Jeff Mad

This is a funny pay back video with Jeff Gordon proving to a blogger that the fear in his passenger’s eyes was real.

A Sharp Trick

This video shows off the talents of a couple knife wielding gents.

When The Wind Blows

This is a cool video of an advertisement set up in a Stockholm subway station that reacts when a train pulls in.  


This is a fun little video of people in Southwest Montana getting together Skijoring or skiing behind a horse.

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