Need Help Ray?

This is a cool encounter with a Manta Ray that was tangled up in some fishing line until these divers helped out.

Working For Food

This is a cool video that shows how ants work together to pull a much heavier millipede home for dinner.

Perspective Earth

This is a cool video with amazing short clips narrated by the late Carl Sagan that puts our life on Earth into a proper perspective.

Team Bulldog

This is a cool video that shows the teamwork between 2 bulldogs as they get a tire out of a pool.

Infrared Burn Out

This is a cool short video of the Red Bull Racing Team warming up the tires while being filmed by an infrared camera.



Swarming Robots

This video is of a swarm of small inexpensive robots developed by Michael Rubenstein at Harvard University.



Taking The Can Off A Bear

This bear was out in the middle of a field with a milk can stuck on its head until a guy with a claw used to pick up logs with comes to the rescue.