Damion On Air

Damion Walters is one of the best tumblers you will ever see.  Here he and his friends take it up a notch with an air tumbling mat.


Elephant Darts

If you run into this guy at a bar with a long nose and he wants to play you a game of darts for peanuts…Be afraid, be very afraid.



What Down?

During football practice at Tonopah Valley the entire team fainted when the QB got the ball.


Cast In A Blast

This is a video of a really fun time as people are used as playing pieces in a water version of Skeeball…Living life to the fullest.


OOOOOOOh That Sound

This is an interesting comparison between how the F1 cars sounded in 2013 vs 2014 when the engine were made smaller but turbo charged…Bring back the old.


8 Wheel Pick Up

This is a World record by Zydrunas Savickas as he picks up 8 truck ties attached to a bar weighing in at 1155 pounds…Look at that bar bend.