8 Wheel Pick Up

This is a World record by Zydrunas Savickas as he picks up 8 truck ties attached to a bar weighing in at 1155 pounds…Look at that bar bend.


Tandem Golf

These 2 boys have been practicing this move as one turbo charges the others chip shot.


Tiger For 91 Feet

During the Cadillac Championship Tiger Woods makes an incredible 91-foot birdie putt.


Giving It All She Has

Kayla Montgomery is a cross country runner that has multiple sclerosis.  She’ll run to the finish line and collapse, giving it all she has.



This is a fun little video of people in Southwest Montana getting together Skijoring or skiing behind a horse.


Pee Wee Giant Run

This is a great run by a Pee Wee football quarterback only identified as “JD” as he takes it the distance with a little stiff arming.