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Do It Again

Marvey’o Otey from William Byrd High School rushes to keep the ball in play and winds up sinking a basket from behind his back.  

Watch Out For That Tree

This is a funny video of a father video recording his son riding his bike down a soft hill while warning him to watch out for the tree…Kids never listen.

What An Ending

In the last second of the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn with the score tied, Alabama tries for a field goal and misses. That’s when Chris Davis steps up and returns the ball 109 yards for the winning touchdown.

Wave At The Fisherman

This is a video of a guy fishing on a wall when a big wave crashes behind him knocking him into the drink.

Knock Over Bubble Ring

This is a cool underwater trick as a scuba diver knocks over a couple rocks from a few feet away with an air bubble ring.

Speed Bag Master

This guy starts out with a good work out on a speed bag and then he turns it up a notch to show why he is the speed bag master.

Knock Out Kick

This is a short video of a karate match that ends quickly with a knock out kick to the head.

How To Party With Construction Equipment

This is a fun video of a group of people that got together with a track hoe in some water and turned it into a fun party.

Too Cute Taekwondo

These 2 cute little girls get to fight each other in a taekwondo match that will bring a smile to your face.

Pitching To A 7 10 Split

With 2 balls in hand this pitcher takes down both pins in a 7 10 split.

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