Uplifting Whale Watching

Enjoying nature and being outdoors around wildlife is always fun, but these 2 people on a kayak got a little more then they expected when the whale surfaced under their boat.



On The Wings Of A Dog

Dean Potter takes his dog, Whisper, for a little flying lesson in a winged suit fro atop the Eiger in Switzerland.



Strength And Balance

This couple performs an incredible act of strength and balance with high tech special effects that makes it a visual treat.



Damion On Air

Damion Walters is one of the best tumblers you will ever see.  Here he and his friends take it up a notch with an air tumbling mat.


Elephant Darts

If you run into this guy at a bar with a long nose and he wants to play you a game of darts for peanuts…Be afraid, be very afraid.



What Down?

During football practice at Tonopah Valley the entire team fainted when the QB got the ball.