If you have a bad memory and have an Amazon Alexa assistant in your home, you won’t have to worry about your bad memory soon. The reason for this is because Amazon is adding a “memory” function to the home assistant, Alexa.

According to Techcrunch, if you want Alexa to remember someone’s birthday, just tell her to remember and give her the birthdate and not only will she say it back to you but she will remember that birthdate, and will remind you when that day comes. This is actually pretty exciting!

What Other New Alexa Skills Can We Expect?

Other “skills” Alexa will be able to do really soon is to give you an answer without saying her name again. An example is this: “Alexa, what is the weather like in Ohio? What will it be like next week?” That is all you will have to say and she will be able to answer you with the information you need without you having to say her name a second time. How cool is that?

Reports state Amazon is making Alexa more personalized for you. She will be able to remember any information you give her, do things for you, and give you personalized information when you ask her without saying her name a second time.

Another cool “skill” Alexa will have soon is the act of you changing the subject on her while asking her one question and then asking her another question but on a totally different subject. For example: “Alexa, what is the weather like in Florida?” She then answers you and you change the subject by asking her, “How long does it take to get there from here?” She will still answer you although you didn’t address her a second time and you changed the subject on her. It will be like talking to a friend or a family member!

What do you think about Alexa’s new skills? Sound off with your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!


Featured Image: CC by SA 2.0, by methodshop .com, via Flickr