Welcome to ACoolLink.com.

Let me tell you about how these cool links came to be.

Hi. My name is Mike Parker and I started ACoolLink.com.

I live in Colorado with my family were I enjoy skiing in the winter and riding my motorcycle in the mountains in warmer weather.

During the Fall of 2007 I was doing a “Google-search” of my name and found a link to a web site that I had to visit named “Mike the headless chicken.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was funny, strange and TRUE.

Afterwards I was thinking of this strange story and how it was only by luck that I found it. This began my searching for a web site that could take me to all these cool locations. Unable to find such a place, I researched on how to build this needed site. And A Cool Link LLC was born.

ACoolLink.com is THE place to find a link to COOL web sites.

Helpful, Unusual and Completely Entertaining!

Let ACoolLink.com guide you to some of the COOLEST web sites. We will give you a brief description and then a link to the site.

Our goal is to help you achieve a balance in your life and maybe help you give back a little… You know, pay it forward. If nothing else, we will entertain you.

Knowledge is power…so let’s get stronger together.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

If you ever find a web site that you feel belongs here please send it to us through any one of the “Leave A Reply” forms at the bottom of each page.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy ACoolLink.com as much as we have in building it.