It’s Our Choice

This video carries a huge message about climate change and that is within our reach to overcome its adverse effects.

Knock Knock

This is a very cool music video called “Knock Knock” that features a story told on 14 different devices.

No Push Over

This is a video of a very strong young man named Claudio Stroe that is doing 90 degree push ups.

Door Stop Discovery

Watching a baby of any kind discover the world is always fun.  This little French Bulldog finds out what a door stop can do.

Frog TV

This is a short funny video of what happens when you put a cell phone that’s playing a video of active worms in an area that has a lot of frogs…Or as the French would say, “Lunch”.

Butter Face

During a competition this flutist didn’t miss a beat when a butterfly landed on her face.